Reaction to Russian Adoption Ban

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For years, the international adoption program in Russia has offered thousands of children facing bleak futures the chance to thrive in the homes of loving US adoptive parents. To make a political statement [filled with collateral damage], Russia has now closed this avenue. Additionally, Russia’s throw-in comment that part of its reasoning for this decision is that children have been abused in significant numbers after arriving in the US is nothing more than a nonsensical attempt at justification.

But the Russia ban also raises other issues and exposes long-held myths regarding international vs. domestic adoption. Some adoptive parents are drawn to international adoption out of a fear that domestic adoption means a less secure adoption: one that involves the continued threat that biological parent(s) will “take the child away” after placement. The reality is that if properly handled – with separate lawyers for biological and adoptive parents – and complete documentation/court proceedings, this is beyond a remote possibility. Other times, adopters here in the US are under the false belief that it takes years to locate a suitable situation [birth mother] or that the costs of a domestic adoption far exceed the costs of an international adoption. With smart marketing, the time to placement can be months and not years [though it is hard to gauge with more specificity] and costs – on average – are on a par with most international adoptions.

Sanford Benardo on Huffington Post panel

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Sanford Benardo participated on a Huffington Post panel discussing the responsible use of online resources for locating children to adopt.

The “Lightly Regulated” US Fertility Industry: The Myth Continues

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Countries – indeed, whole regions of the world – which disallow or severely curtail IVF and/or gamete donation are often mistakenly called “highly regulated” environments. Heavy restrictions, usually [...] Continue Reading…

Sanford Benardo to Guest on “The View”

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Sanford M. Benardo, Esq, president of ACARAL and Northeast Assisted Fertility Group, will be a guest on ABC’s The View.

Airing Friday, June 24th at 11:00 AM the episode will focus on [...] Continue Reading…

New Jersey – Woman Who Conceived Child With Donated Sperm and Turkey Baster Could Not Terminate Sperm Donor’s Parental Rights

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A New Jersey Court refused to terminate the parental rights of a sperm donor at the request of the donor and the mother of the child who was conceived [...] Continue Reading…

New Jersey: Intended Mother Not Biologically Related to Child Must Adopt

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The appellate division held that a married woman had to adopt her husband’s child.

The child was created with her husband’s sperm and a donor egg.   The resultant embryo was [...] Continue Reading…

Justification for the Surrogacy Exclusion

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Hard as it may seem for a surrogacy lawyer to write, insurance companies should not underwrite prenatal care and delivery expenses for surrogates. [...] Continue Reading…

Gay Adoption Case Originating in Louisiana Back Before Federal Appeals Court

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Despite rulings from a Federal District Court and the Appellate Division of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, Louisiana insists that the names of a child’s parents cannot be [...] Continue Reading…

Connecticut Supreme Court Honors Gestational Surrogacy Agreement Establishing Parentage

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The Connecticut Supreme Court, on January 7, 2011, held that a gay man, not biologically related to his twins, could have his name placed on their birth certificates establishing legal parentage over them [...] Continue Reading…

ACARAL Members on Albany Law School Panel

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The Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology has dedicated its 20th anniversary symposium to assisted reproductive technology; Theresa Erickson and Sanford Benardo will be speaking. [...] Continue Reading…