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The Web site of The American College of Assisted Reproduction and Adoption Lawyers (ACARAL) is here to help you. ACARAL is the premier resource for finding the most experienced lawyers in the fields of third party reproduction and adoption, highly specialized and constantly evolving areas of the law which impact people's lives both in the US and abroad.

ACARAL is unique because each member's practice is limited entirely to assisted reproduction and/or adoption or the member is in the family law field and has demonstrated particular proficiency and promise in these areas. You will find no general practitioners here. Most lawyer members have handled a minimum of two hundred adoption or assisted reproduction matters within the last five years, and typically many more. ACARAL members stay informed of proposed legislation, referendums, and statutory changes which affect public policy in their fields of practice, and post timely position statements on the ACARAL blog. Finally, ACARAL members are committed to following the highest ethical standards of responsible lawyering.

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