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Michael B. Grant

Michael Grant | ACARAL

Rhode Island; Massachusetts

Michael B. Grant graduated from Providence College earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and graduated from Suffolk University School of Law located in Boston, Massachusetts. He is an attorney admitted to practice in the State of Rhode Island and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Michael served as a judicial law clerk to United States Magistrate Judge Jacob Hagopian, United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island, and for Justice Joseph R. Weisberger, Chief Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

In 1990, Michael personally attempted to become a parent through surrogacy with the assistance of a gestational carrier. Following two unsuccessful embryo transfers, Michael, in 1992, achieved parenthood in adopting his twin boys domestically. Michael has personally experienced the emotional and sensitive issues involved in attempting to become a parent through surrogacy and adoption.


After adopting his own children, Michael has assisted numerous couples adopt infants within the United States and internationally. He personally traveled to Russia in 1998 where he visited orphanages and met with government officials and judges in order to gain insight into the numerous issues and challenges facing intended parents seeking to adopt from Russia. Michael has finalized same sex and step-parent adoptions.


Since 1991, Michael has assisted countless individuals and couples achieve parenthood through surrogacy. Michael has represented clients in drafting legal agreements to be executed with traditional surrogates (using the surrogate's egg) and gestational carriers (using embryos produced from the genetic material of the intended parents or with the assistance of an egg donor). Michael has extensive experience in reviewing and evaluating health insurance policy issues to ensure proper coverage for prenatal care and delivery services to surrogates/gestational carriers. Michael has also obtained pre-birth parentage orders in Rhode Island and Massachusetts where the parent(s), including same sex partners, utilized their own genetic embryos or embryos produced with the assistance of an egg donor.

Michael has represented numerous surrogacy and egg donor clients from Canada, Mexico, Germany, Spain, England, Ireland and Israel.


Since 2002, Michael has represented both egg and embryo donors and recipient intended parent(s) respectively. Michael's experience involves the drafting and negotiation of legal agreements for execution by recipient individuals/couples and egg/embryo donors. He has negotiated over 1000 legal egg donation agreements.

Michael also has experience in drafting and negotiating agreements for clients engaged in sperm donation arrangements.